How old is Shin Lim – Interesting Facts About Shin Lim

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With the camera up close and personal, Shin Lim executes a perfect trick with his hands that leaves the audience in awe. It’s his quick hands, sharp moves, and hours of practice that have made him an overnight sensation, as he performed for the first time on America’s Got Talent. Following his debut, his magic went on to stump many of those around him. Later, he gained recognition as one of the best magicians that the world had ever seen. After his reign on the show, he went on to have his one-man show in Vegas, creating more mind-boggling tricks that leave the mind to wander; is magic real?

How Old is Shin Lim?

Lim began to catch the world’s attention in 2018 after his appearance on  America’s Got Talent. At that time, he was only 26 years of age, gaining attention worldwide thanks to his swift hands and innovative card tricks. Now, at the age of 29, he’s still doing his thing, working on more magic tricks that leave audiences breathless. Though you have probably seen his magical moments, there are many interesting details about him that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Shin Lim is a native of Singapore and didn’t move to Canada until he was almost 11 years of age
  2. Before the magic tricks, Shin Lim used his magic fingers to create magic on the piano. He even studied at Lee University in Tennessee.
  3. Like many other famous faces of today, Shin Lim started on YouTube. He first started watching videos to learn how the pros flipped tricks and then created his channel to practice.
  4. Shin Lim worked a lot with his hands and was devastated to find out that he had carpal tunnel at only 20 years old. His diagnosis forced him to choose between his two passions: music and magic. He, of course, chose cards over keys.
  5. After learning and growing, Shin Lim started to compete, sharing his gift and quick hands with audiences far and wide. His first competition was in 2010, where he went home with the World Teen Close-Up Magic Award.
  6. Shin Lim made a few appearances on the popular show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Both times he appeared, he stumped the hosts and won the attention of a large TV audience. During his 2017 appearance, his fame went viral. Thanks to all of those tuned into the show, his YouTube video went viral, scoring him more than 50 million views.
  7. In 2018, Shin Lim was a contestant on the popular show America’s Got Talent, where he took the grand prize. The right people must have been watching that night, landing him a gig of a lifetime! This gig turned out to be in the entertainment capital of the United States, Vegas!
  8. Shin Lim is married to Casey Thomas. He proposed to his wife in 2017, stealing the hearts of more than 2000 people as they looked on.