How tall is Rich Brian: Interesting facts about Rich Brian

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Rich Brian is one of the most promising young talents out there. He’s an Indonesian music idol, rapper, singer, recorder, songwriter and so much more. No wonder he’s loved by so many youngsters around the world. The internet has thrown light on many young talents, but none were as memorable as this 21 years old boy. He could witness the power of the internet and started posting his humorous skits on YouTube. Later, he released his debut single “Dat $tick” that got viral in March 2016 on SoundCloud.

Today the video has more than 170 million views on YouTube and turned him into a star. After the success of his debut single, he got into the American music industry and soon debut his first studio album “Amen” in February 2018. Since then, he has been collaborating with many artists around the world.

12 Interesting facts about Rich Brian –

1. Rich Brian was born on 3rd September 1999 in, Jakarta Indonesia. He is slim and tall with a height of 5.8 feet and weighs approximately 60 kgs.

2. The first song he ever recorded was on an iPhone. Inspired by the hip hop music he had been listening to for years, one day he thought and picked his iPhone to gave it a try.

3. Being an Indonesian, he wasn’t fluent in English. He taught himself the language with the help of YouTube and hip-hop songs. He would talk to himself and keep on practicing the English pronunciations.

4. He was fond of Americans and once told his American Twitter friend how he always wanted to be in a country where everyone speaks the same language.

5. Brian Immanuel gives credit for his success to YouTube. Now, after becoming a successful rapper, he dreams to become an actor as well.

6. He is too quick with solving a Rubik’s cube. He had solved Rubik’s cube on an international stage and has a record of solving it in 20 seconds. He can’t flex his talent enough.

7. Brian has become the first Asian singer/musician to reach the top of the iTunes chart. His debut single “Amen” is the song that made him achieve this.

8. Rich Brian never went to school. Home-schooling was the only way that he chose to educate himself. He did not attend any college either. He now lives in Los Angeles, California, to pursue his music career. He also aspires to learn cinematography.

9. He has kept his personal life private and to date has not talked about his parents, siblings, or anything else from his personal life. He never shares any details of his family and friends.

10. His favorite actor is Chris Evans and his favorite actress Emma Watson.

11. Before Rich Brian, his stage name was Rich Chigga which he changed on January 1, 2018.

12. He came across social media by chance and did not even plan to upload anything at first. Yet, he only got famous after he started uploading his raps and one of them went viral.