Han Ye Seul Had Plastic Surgery?

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Han Ye Seul is a South Korean actress who was born in America. Born as Leslie Kim, Han Ye Seul is fluent in both English and Korean. She was born on September 18, 1981, in Los Angeles, California. She holds a professional degree in Computer Graphics from Cerritos College, Norwalk, California.

Han Ye Seul began her career as a model after winning the SBS Supermodel Contest in 2001. It was then that she knew what her passion is. Later, when she made her acting debut in the sitcom Nonstop (2003), she changed her name from Leslie Kim to Han Ye Seul. Along with her name, she also changed her nationality and became a South Korean citizen in 2004.

Since her acting debut in 2003, she had played several leading roles on television. Some of them are Couple or trouble (2006), Birth of a Beauty (2014), or Tazza (2008). She also acted in various films like Gold Digger (2007) or Penny Pinchers (2011).


Did Han Ye Seul Had Plastic Surgery?

It is common among acting celebrities around the world to go for different surgeries. They do it to improve the way they think they look. This rush behind beauty is more evident in Korean actors.

Alike many Korean celebrities, Han Ye Seul is also alleged to have done plastic surgery.
Netizens all over the world have been comparing her recent photographs to the past ones. Those photos are from when she was a debutant. In these photos, it is noticeable that there’s a slight difference in her eye shape.

If you look at the before pictures, her eyes look shorter and flatter. Yet, in her after pictures, her eyes are wider and bigger (which is also a beauty symbol in Korea). People assume that she might have gone for an ‘eyelid’ surgery to beautify her flaws.

But, when asked about the same, she denies it. Once, a reporter asked her which body part she would like to get improved. She replied that there was nothing that she would like to change about herself. She felt pretty comfortable in her skin and very satisfied with her appearance.

She mentioned that if she ever had the chance, she would rather change her image in the minds of people. She targeted those who find her to be more feminine. She said that she would rather want people to find her more charismatic and androgynous. She finds it more unique and appealing and would give her more attention.

With the changes in her eyelids, it is still assumed that she had indeed gotten her eyelids improved for aesthetic reasons. Even as she denies it, the changes don’t seem to have developed over time or are the effects of makeup. This rumor will remain to be a rumor until accepted by the actress herself. Though, it is not very uncommon for Korean celebrities to have undergone surgery. They do this to improve their physical appearances.

Her ‘new’ and improved eyelids remain to be a mystery among the netizens and the assumptions continue to grow.